Tellurium Copper, CDA 145 ASTM B 301

Tellurium Copper, CDA 145 ASTM B 301

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Counted among the distinguished organizations, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting excellent quality Tellurium Copper. Owing to its high strength, excellent conductivity and high corrosion resistance, our offered product is highly acclaimed in the market. Moreover, it can easily be casted, extruded, punched and drawn. Hence, Tellurium Copper is widely used in forgings, plumbing fittings, transistor bases, switch parts and electrical parts. We supply this product within stipulated time frame to our customers.

Nominal Chemical Composition % by weight

Copper (incl. Silver) Phosphorus Tellurium
99.7 .008 .55


Forgings, screw machine products and parts requiring high conductivity, extensive machining, corrosion resistance, copper color, or a combination of these; electrical connectors, motor and switch parts, plumbing fittings, soldering coppers, welding torch tips, transistor bases and furnace brazed articles. 

Mechanical Properties

Typical for 1" solid diameter Hard (35%) Temper

Hardness* Rockwell B Scales 48
Tensile Strength** KSI 48
Yield Strength** KSI 44
Elongation** % in 2 inch 20

*Hardness conversions are approximate

**Test values are nominal approximations and depend on specimen size and orientation.

Physical Properties

Thermal Conductivity BTU/ (sq ft-ft-hr-F) 205
Specific Heat BTU/lb/ @ 68F .092
Thermal Expansion Per from 68 F to 212 F .0000095
Density lb/cu in @ 68 F .323
Electrical Conductivity* (annealed) % IACS @ 68 F 93
Modulus of Elasticity KSI 17,000

*Volume basis

Fabrication Properties

Capacity for being cold worked Good
Capacity for being hot formed Good
Hot forgeability rating (forging brass=100) 65
Hot working temperature 1400-1600 F or 750-875 C
Annealing temperature 800-1200 F or 425-650 C
Machinability rating (Free Cutting Brass=100) 85
Suitability for being joined by: Soldering/Excellent


Oxyacetylene Welding/Fair

Gas Shielded Arc Welding/Fair

Coated Metal Arc Welding/Not Recommended
Resistance Welding Spot/Not Recommended

Seam/Not Recommended